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This is me

Hi everyone, My name is Marichca...

Yeah, I know. It's a mouth full, which is why everyone calls me Mish.

You have probably heard this story a hundred times over. About a young girl with a camera who always wanted to be a photographer when she grew up...

Well, I'm not that girl. 

I was only 12 when I got my first camera and I have always loved taking pictures of all my family & friends. But I never truly considered it as a viable career. That is until only a few years ago when my brother asked me to do their Maternity shoot for them. I was so intent on taking the best pictures I can that my interest peaked and I really started learning the rules of photography and how to break those rules to create pictures that both myself & my clients will love.


My Style   

I like taking pictures that are natural and that reflects the true emotion on my clients faces.

That pure joy and pride in mum & dad's face when the little ones do something cute or clever. And even the frustration in the kids because they have just had enough...

It is the un-posed pictures that tell the best stories, and to me, that is what my photography style is all about.

My aim is to provide an affordable photography service for all types of families

My business is all about you and creating and capturing your memories to share with your friends & family.

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